Our church family is filled with cultural diversity. We are a bilingual, Eucharistic community rooted in Roman Catholic traditions and devoted to serve God through our time, talent, treasure, and faith. Our church is located in Cumberland, Rhode Island and serves the Portuguese and English speaking parishioners with daily Masses, devotions, and religious celebrations in both languages. We also have various organizations committed to offering both old world and new world experiences as we strive for deeper commitment and fulfillment of our faith. We have processions with devotees praying the rosary aloud through the streets of Cumberland, sales of traditional Portuguese food, yearly feasts, Christmas bazaars, and monthly movie/pizza nights. Father Fernando Cabral invites you to come visit this beautiful jewel in the heart of Valley Falls, Cumberland RI.

Mass Schedule:

Saturday Vigil

5:00pm (English)



8:00am (Portuguese)

9:30am (Portuguese)

11:00am (English)



M/T/Th/F 6:00pm


Holy Days of Obligation


Vigil Mass

6:30pm (bilingual)


On The Day

6:30pm (bilingual)

Mass intentions should be submitted 2 weeks in advance. Call the Rectory to submit your intentions to have them published in the bulletin.


Religious Ed and Sacraments